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We always love our nature and birds are the most important part of nature. Though there are many beautiful birds, we can see around us, still there are also some birds like pigeons, sparrows that are considered as nuisance or threat because they use to cover our residence with filthy droppings. Not only this but also sometimes they carry dangerous viruses, bacteria, toxic and so on which are very harmful to us and can be the cause behind chronic diseases.


These chronic diseases can be catastrophic for children, not only children but also for elders, adults,allergic persons and lung patient. Birds also carry E.coli bacteria that cause flu, fever, coughing, asthma and respiratory illness which can lead to Chronic Pulmonary Disorder that make us suffer long or may be lifetime. On the other hand, some birds clog the drainpipes or impede the electric and cable wires by making nest here and there.


Every day we can see many types of urban and rural birds and these birds can convey more than sixty known and unknown diseases like influenza, pneumonia, salmonella etc. and these diseases can take anybody towards the way to death.


So, all the reasons mentioned above are enough to think about bird solution because a solid bird solution can protect you and your family from this kind of major problems. Though according to us birds are the most beautiful creation of mother nature, still we have to protect ourselves from the quandary that can be held my birds.


HicareMumbai always here to protect you this kind of bird-threats. All our equipment are upgraded and ultra-modern, not only our equipment but also our skillful workers who are ready all the time to serve you with their knowledge and expertise, according to your demand and requirement.


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