We all love nature and birds are one of the beautiful parts of nature but at the same time some birds are become nuisance for us because their feathers and dropping create mess around our residence or offices, not only that but also sometimes they damages our building properties from its roof to floor, flow out pipes, vents, condensing units of air conditioning machines and also invade the esthetics of our residence. That is why HicareMumbai is here to help you out from this kind of problem.

Specialist in pest control service Hicare Mumbai also provide you the services to get rid of the nuisance featheringpests like pigeons, sparrows and so on without harming them by using our ultra-modern methods and techniques. We not only work for your homes but also offices, schools, hospitals, transports and many. Our main purpose is tosolve the problem from it root so that it can’t able to come back easily.

Hicare Mumbai has a team of skillful professionals who have proper training on that exact field. Our bird netting experts cooperates to create and design the best bird exclusion according to clients’ requirements. All our expert team members are always ready to serve whenever you need without effect your living style. As our clients satisfaction and trusts are our everything that’s why we always take care of their comfort, hence during the treatment going on you don’t need to worry about anything. Our trained and experienced workers ensure safety and consent with all regulatory measure.

Hicare Mumbai always uses high-quality equipment for bird netting services. We only use strong and robust wire frame, stainless steel made metal fixings and wire rope, firm screw pins, net bolts and so on. We also use long lasting, not stretching, durable, waterproof polyethylene net, stainless steel bird spiking to make sure that birds can’t harm you from anywhere according to your demand and requirement. It the USP of HIicare mumbai that we always give our clients the best quality service that definitely make the content and happy.


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