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Hicare Mumbai is one of the most convincing brand name among the pest control service providers in Mumbai as well as India. All our pest control services are absolutely natural and eco-friendly that’s why it never bring any evil impact on human life. As we always intended to make our environment pollution free that’s why we only use organic pest control products for our pest control treatments. As a well authorized organization of pest control service in Mumbai we use to give high quality services at homes, offices, factories, hospitals, schools, business hubs and so on. Our pest control services are coercive and effective hence all the bothersome pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, mice, termites, woodborers etc. who are the reason of your discomfort wipe smoothly out from your residence and never come back so easily.

Not only pest control service, but we also provide bird-netting service for different types of birds like pigeon, sparrow and so on. For the bird netting service, we use pure quality nets and spikes that can prevent you and your family from those bird acts that are considered as a nuisance.

A very qualified and knowledgeable group of administrators endorses Hicare Mumbai and it is our mission to make our organization more efficient through our quality work. As we consider our clients’ trust as our more valuable assets so that we always work hard to gain your trust and try to rise it gradually, day by day, by our efforts.

As a pest control service providers, it is our liability to rescue our clients from the oppression of different kind of pests who are considered as a major threat in the household and to deplete them, without affecting the nature. All the member of our organization always looks after our clients’ safety hence, we always take extra precaution before starting our pest control treatment, on the other hand as all our pest control treatments are completely organic so that there is no side effect take place ever. Not only human we also take care of the safety of animals and plants and that the only way to balance the environment. We also give you the assurance that all the chemicals and products that we use for the pest control service are approved by the government all our experienced workers are using those things very wisely and scientifically.

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Time-consuming services

Consume our well-organized services and save your precious time.


Always concern about your safety

We always check our workers' identity thoroughly because your safety is our main concern.


Well-trained workers

All our workers are well-trained and knowledgeable about their job.


Well-equipped organization

If you want to supply us any equipment then let us know, otherwise, we have plenty of equipment.


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Book your order online for tracking and follow our website for further updates and you can also call us whenever you need us.


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Meet the Hire Pros

Meet the Hire Pros

Organic Pest Control Products

We only organic products for pest control treatment to make our environment pollution-free, therefore you can easily hire us without any hesitation.

Government Approved Organization

The Government of India approves our Company; hence,you can trust us and effortlessly hire our services and experience the best service ever.

Always Look After About Environment

As we look after our nature and environment that’s why we always use eco-friendly products and do our work in a way that can never affect our nature’s equilibrium.

Our Clients Are Our Moral Support

We always consider our clients as our backbone, without them, we can’t achieve any success, it is their moral support that helps us to grow forward.




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